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Founded in 2000, Doctor Ibrahim (DOCIB) Healthcare Management Group began with a modest start with the launch of Lulu Center Pharmacy in Lulu Hypermarket in Al Qusais. Backed by Dr. M. K. Ibrahim’s wealth of experience in medicine spanning 35 years, we rapidly expanded our network of Pharmacies, Polyclinics and Nutrition Centers across the United Arab Emirates, Middle East and soon starting its operations in India as well. Dr. Ibrahim is also one of the six Directors of Al-Shifa hospitals in India which, since its inception in 1989, has grown steadily with an extensive array of medical specializations. Dr.M K.Ibrahim is also Chairman of MED SEVEN drug Stores which own 92 pharmacy outlets in UAE, which apparently is one of the biggest contributors to pharmaceutical industry in UAE.

The first polyclinic by the DOCIB Healthcare Management Group commenced operations in 2004 in Lulu Village. As a community-based health and dental care center, we currently serve as the only outpatient clinic in the Muhaisnah area. We offer a substantial range of health services and family-oriented specializations including Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and General Practice. Strategically located in the Lulu Village, the Clinic is managed and supervised by efficient and highly skilled medical staff who all value integrity and are devoted to providing outstanding medical care. 

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